Saturday, July 21, 2012

They Seen Yuh Comin' - Laundry Prices in Enterprise, Oregon

Boy Howdy!! The Fambly-style Laundromat & Carwash in Enterprise is $2.50 for a regular size washer and $6.00 for the commercial type that goes round. Tha's the moz 'spensive ah've ever seed. And the dang thang hung up after muh 2nd qwartr. Ah wuz worried ah wuz gonna hav tuh moov tuh uh-nudder musheen when hit finely straightened up. The owner 'splained the problem tuh me, but hit didn't make hit none easier. Small town surprises...and not a Holiday Inn (No Surprises...remember?) in sight.

I CAN recommend Dollar Stretcher grocery. In spite of the name ("The name sucks," said the owner, "but we're gettin' 'em trained.") They have local bison (excellent!) and beef.

The organic food store is next door. Good stuff there too, Maynard.

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