Saturday, July 21, 2012

Clear & Pure

Don't hit jus' look so modest settin' thar? Evry now an' then yuh stumble ontuh a product that does MORE than youse' this hyarz one uv 'em.

Yessir, ah bin washing muh hairz wid dis stuff fer sev'ral weeks now and ah'm tellin' YOU! Hits even taken the skid marks outten mah drawerz (underpants).

Interestingly, it makes very little suds, same as yucca root. But it gets things clean....same as yucca root.

"One ounce per load," they said when I called to inquire (laundry, not hairz). I teaspoon for hair....mebbe less.

Use as directed. Mileage may very. Offer void where prohibited bylaw.


Michelle Cook said...

That's a real purty picher. Does it leave yer hars all fluffy an bouncy n such?

MFH said...

Yaayyusss, hit shore nuff dooz!! Ah jus' LLuuuvVVVV the way ah look. Ah'm thinkin' uv tryin' hit in those nether parts tuh see whut hit'll do fo' me down thar.

Michelle Cook said...

Mr. Nose immediately begins to bristle: what about HIS glossy locks, huh??

MFH said...

Ah mint Mr. Nose. Whut chyew thinkin' gurl?!!!