Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunsites, Arizona

Just down the hill from Cochise Stronghold, Sunsites is an up and coming arts community. Sunny, who commutes between her chiropractic practice in Tuscon and the one in Sunsites, recently organized a gathering that attracted 48 people. Not all self-identified as artists, but for the most part...

In the afternoon I bought a ticket to the art auction fundraiser for the library. That evening, upon seeing the 300 cars in the parking lot, I forced myself to the windows and looked in. There were at least 600 one huge room! Reeling in horror, I fled. 

Everyone I met on the street was great! Check out the Produce Wagon Grocery and Blue Bear Trading Post & Gallery. The Trading Post & Gallery is run by Sunny's husband Larry, who is letting go of his lifetime collection. There are some real treasures. 

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