Sunday, May 8, 2016


I'm no longer comfortable feeding in public.

   Between the boisterosity of fellow troughers, 

shrieking infants, 

       eight-year-olds closing big deals on their cells while awaiting their appetizers, and, most recently, 

over-priced pretension ala Nello's Place, Redding, CA (Recommended by a motel clerk, it left a definitively negative stamp.) I'm now committed to takeout.

There're no words to convey the beauty of the redwoods. The weather was perfect.

If you're in Weaverville, CA you might stop at Bryce's Curiosity Shop. On the roof is printed COOL CHEAP STUFF -- you can't miss it. Nearly everything is 3 for $5.00 or some such. The opposite of Nello's, he has a Master's in psychology with an M.S. in Cognitive Science and hopes to get a PhD out of the jewelry with a dissertation on feminist influences of the yoni in jewelry design.

Bryce has been into jewelry since age 9. He recently expanded into art and had several East Indian story bracelets (like this one) worth asking to see. There was also a painted abalone shell depicting semi-clad couples cavorting on the green...a steal at $400.00.

But it was his displays that caught our attention. Please admire the pipe from a gas stove.

His surprise at how well mouse traps sell rings seemed as great as ours.

In Alamo, Nevada they forgot to move our reservation over one day and we got bumped. It was a blessing in disguise as the entire town had been taken over by a family reunion. It appeared to be the progeny of five couples who'd had ten children each and they, in turn, had done likewise; the grandchildren were now teenagers who looked eager for darkness. 

We lucked into an eighty-year-old, long-line motel (a single strip of rooms paralleling the highway) that had been lovingly cared for. 
At 10:00 pm the maintenance guy was still on duty and after I couldn't get the knob to turn he demonstrated how the knob doesn't turn...the door yields to a well-applied shoulder. 

Our room, spacious with a huge armoire-kum-TV-stand and spotlessly clean, was elegantly appointed in pink tones with Elizabethian notes worthy of any fine brothel. We'd been assured -- as if they were waiting in the bushes -- we'd find no dancing girls at our door. (He made a point of looking at Michelle while delivering this as he KNEW I'd be disappointed.)

Of the twenty or so rooms, only two others were tenanted. Spread out as we were, it was, we surmised, MUCH quieter than Alamo.

In the morning after a short run to St George we holed up in the 100 degree heat until sunset. I then picked up three new 5-gallon water jugs for $6.88 each, cheapest in the nation. (Mormons aren't as greedy when it comes to preparedness essentials, you see.)

Joy of Marketing!!

Volumizing: A term popularized by penis-enlargement ads.

Tomorrow it's on to Zion Nat'l Park and Kanab.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Yanni used to be almost everywhere in the 90's & early 2000's, but it seems like he's relaxed lately & doesn't compose, or play any longer. His music is outstanding. What do they have in the jewelry store, Yanni rings, Yanni necklaces etc ??

MFH said...

Thank gawd SOMEBODY knows their Sanskrit. Sho nuff, hits yoni, not Yanni. Thanks, Anon!!

Anonymous said...

Yoni, Yanni...tomatos,tomatoes, patatos, potatoes...isn't all the same ? LOL,LOL. Thanks, Añon !

MFH said...

Au Contraire!! I mean, ich bin ein yoni worshiper since I vas in kindergarten. It's a terrible, TERRIBLE embarrassment that I didn't know how to spell it. Again, vielen Dank fer settin' me straight.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe ( if i'm not wrong ) most males are yoni-worshippers they are always trying to get into one...LOL,LOL.

MFH said...

All the above was inspired by my misspelling in...."feminist influences of the yanni in jewelry design." You may not have noticed the correct spelling in the sentence above the picture of Bryce.