Monday, May 23, 2016

Overland Expo West - 2016

This was my second year to attend. Lots of interesting vehicles...and people. 

This one had some unusual accessories....

such as this Canadian Mosquito Screen.

Lug nut protectors.

FIVE locks !!!

Where they've been....



  1. OMG The last picture is hysterical. I am kind of digging the first picture. It is kind of bad ass.

  2. I would love to have coffee with the people who have five locks. Probably the best conversationalists in the world.

    1. Ms. Jane!!! Here's their website.

      I too would like to meet them. I stood around their vehicle for about fifteen minutes hoping someone would show up, but no luck. Perhaps you/we can find them next year.

    2. Ms.'s another indicator of encroaching senility: I confuse you with your mother. It would, of course, be unlikely you'd attend the Expo, whereas, your mother, who I tho't you were, might even be in the 'hood. Please pardon the lapse. Oh, and btw, congrats on your present for Robert; I tho't it quite beautiful.