Friday, May 6, 2016

A Couple of Weeks Ago

Within minutes of stepping into the store we were in animated repartee which she laced with wry humor. Comely and about my age, she told of how she and her husband had been accountants, gotten bored and switched to retail.  They'd been there 15 years with no regrets. He joined us and we talked about our enjoyment of the out-of-doors. As I left I gave her my card.

I went back today to ask about places in the area to go. As I came through the door she said, "There you are! I thought about you last night." 

My immediate reaction was something like, "I didn't think married women were allowed to make statements like that." And although I hadn't seen him, I sensed her husband was nearby and for once kept my mug shut. I mean, what should I have said...
           -----  In what context? (too dull)

                ------     You have my sympathy.  (He might take offense)

                        ------    I thought about you too.  (the truth...but what does one say if she asks)

                                                       What would you have said?


  1. I spend some time here on your blog, read 3 post and looked at Vince and Michelle's paintings. Enjoying it all very much. What would I have said? Tell me more! what were you thinking...about me?

    1. Of course!! But much too simple for a German. Next time I'll be ready. Thanks!

  2. My guess is that they are polyamorous and wanted to see if you are *open* to feelers. But just a wild guess...

    1. As a poly that crossed my mind, but I suspect my referral to Eggbert as "my RV" just prompted her maternal concern for how we'd fared. She'd told of two nice places including Sycamore Canyon which we (the royal we) very much enjoyed.