Friday, October 17, 2014

Twenty Five miles North of Truth or Consequences

I've known of Forest Road 225 for some time, but hadn't been able to explore. Perhaps your eyesight is better than mine, but I can sorta make out this view from Highway 1. It's about 25 miles N of T or C. 

For those in small vehicles, googling Springtime Canyon, Socorro County, NM and/or adding Truth or Consequences as a destination will show you the road.

I camped across from the dam.  

In the morning I strolled over to admire the masonry work.

TheeeeeeeEEEEERRRRRREE's Eggbert! (slightly right of center near top of hill)

We trundled up the road a bit, but the rain drove us out. I explored a bit on the East side of I-25, but the rains had made the dirt roads impassable. Next time. 

A well written trail guide to the Apache Kid Trail from Springtime Canyon to San Mateo Peak is on New Mexico Meanders blogpost of 2014-10-18. 


Anonymous said...

A good overview of the trails in the San Mateo Mountains can be pull up from:

There is good hiking up there! Bring along maps, since some of the trails are only occasionally visited. Thanks for the very kind link to the Meanders site,


MFH said...


Just noticed your comment. Thanks for the tip on the San Mateos Trail Descriptions. Great document!