Monday, July 23, 2012

STOP!!! STOP!!! A Thrift Store!!!!

Like myself, many others find entertainment in the thrift stores along the way. If you happen to be on highway 95 between Grangeville and Cottonwood, Idaho, you'll find a fine collection at Second Hand Treasures located in the old Fenn store...on the right if you're going west. It sits back from the highway about 300 feet (.1 Km) on a rural road.

I, being Lucky Herrmann, happened along at the serendipitous moment when a bevvy of women were disembarking. It was Saturday, a day they're normally closed but they'd chosen THIS one as Women's Excursion Day.  Apparently not resenting my maleness, they beneficently allowed me entrance. I found some great German comic books from the early sixties. As we were reveling during the cash exchange she commented that Fenn is a German Community. (Day're effry vare!!!)

Hours are stated (on the business card) as Tuesday - Friday 10 - 4, but the proprietress said it was open when it's open and closed when it isn't. All proceeds support Summit Academy (The link is NOT an expression of support. I'm a devout agnostic.)

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