Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The High Road to Challis, or Salmon...Idaho, that is.

FR 55 has its ups & downs, but most of the time it's well-behaved.

BLM land a few miles S of Salmon (click to largen)
Forest Road 55/055 is the scenic route between Challis and Salmon. It's mostly dirt, but is prominent enough on the Official Highway map. For some reason I didn't notice it. As luck would have it Mrs. Nancy Russell, a watercolorist and member of the The Purple Easel Co-op Gallery in Salmon, happened to be out for her morning hike as I was packing up.

I'd camped in the National Forest not far from the BLM Shoup Bridge Campground on south 93 and was getting ready to go to Challis when she came by. Somewhere in our chat she mentioned the road that went around the hill to Williams Lake also went on to Challis. I didn't register it at the time, but that ole subconscious did. When I left I took the road to Williams Lake. Three days later I arrived. And these are some of the scenes from along the way.

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