Saturday, April 14, 2018

Doing The Math

Maybe it's cuz I'm now the olde guy at the head of the group holding it up. Or maybe there're just more people out here. According to Technomadia it's the latter, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find places where I can piddle my way along without feeling like I'm to blame for everyone being late.

So with that in mind, all I'm gonna say is Arizona's the place to be at the moment. The cacti and creosote are blooming and temps are just about perfect. And since this is more of a Web Log, a reminder for me of where I was when, I gotta add that Rock House Grocery appears to have closed, but the folks across the street have some of the best water I've had in a long time.

Airing the Linen


  1. The cacti and creosote bush are blooming! can you post some pictures:)
    And wonderful that you find such totally beautiful quiet spots.
    All is quiet here too, lovely white snow and all. the tourist are hanging back behind you i am sure because they haven't arrived here yet.

  2. The scent after it rains is indescribable!
    P.S.- I'm about 120 miles north of Wickenburg.

    1. Rie!!! OMG!!! I was thinking about you last week, wondering how you are. If only I'd known! I'll be by over your way again mid-May. Any chance to meetup for lunch or dinner? Hope you're doing well.