Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jumping Jacks

As an anxiety-eater whose dysfunction is exacerbated by barking dogs, blatting Harleys, car alarms, sirens, the cumulative hum of refrigerators and the banging of the neighbors' pots & pans, my beam tends to broaden whenever we find ourselves in "the city".

The Lurpac, Smith (scroll to bottom), eats as she always does but doesn't get enough exercise to maintain the legendary litheness that strikes terror into the hearts of watering Reeboks across the land. Thus, we've taken to visualizing (it's the first step) how to combat the effects of our visits to urbanity.

Herewith are depictions by Double El .

Cornea transplant consult rescheduled for April 5th. We hope to head west the day after.


Good Luck Duck said...

Do you and Smith engage in this vigorous virtual visualization vicariously? I feel just a bit more toned having only enjoyed Michelle's artwork.

MFH said...

Ah, alliteration. It doth make me swoooooonnn. (The German double-yew is pronounced as a vee.)