Sunday, March 26, 2017

For Squishy

Coming through the White Mountains with naught but pine trees for miles, it's a real startle to see the blue LIBRARY sign on the highway. But sho' nuff, thar hit be....The Baldwin Cabin Public Library.

Hit whar Thurs et 11:30, but no one wuz in sight. Hit war snowin' on 'n' off so ah figgered they'd 'cided to leave erly.

With Phoebe

Squishy Tulips: Librarian extraordinaire!!

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hannah jane said...

That is SO cool! It would have been neat to see the inside. I wonder if they still have VHS. I love finding off-the-beaten-path libraries that still have VHS. That sign and those hours give me a chuckle. So fantastic. Thanks for sharing.