Thursday, January 12, 2017

Overland Journal - Gear Guide 2017

The latest issue is on the stands....of Barnes & Noble, that is. Other than a few "stores" they're the only place to buy it off the rack.

This is only the second Gear Guide Issue I've seen and I was pleased to, yet again, see how differently these folk do things.

There's a great article that begins like a review of a BMW F650GS. As you're reading along you may find yourself wondering about where a guy who would exclaim, "Great giddy ants....!" might be from. Checking the byline, I surmise "Lisa" is, perhaps, female. Come to find out, she and her husband have been overlanding on motorcycles for years and writing about it.  

On page 109 Southwest guide and photographer Jake Quinones describes the "build out" of his 2012 Jeep Rubicon. The image below was taken in 2014 when he stopped by my camp on the Taos steppe just south of the Colorado line. As you can see, I still had Eggbert then. The photo served as my blog banner for over a year. 

I especially like the line in The Archeologist's Backpack (p. 89) where Mr. Bass, the owner of the rig, says about his "groover," "This has become the single most important piece of gear in the van besides the corkscrew." Take note, this magazine isn't for folks who open bottles with their teeth....even if they can.


Good Luck Duck said...

Great giddy aunt ... that was a fascinating article. I compared it mentally to the procedure you described earlier, and I'm still dubious.

MFH said...

Dubiosity ist alles. Und mit a little Curtiosity, courtesy of Kipling, the possibilities become, as you know, infinite. Wonder on!! (to the tune of that one by Led Zep)