Sunday, January 22, 2017

Magic in Superior, Arizona

The epitome of Willkommen, her smile prompted me to answer her questions. I took my turn and learned she'd attended parochial schools where they'd pushed her toward the nunnery. Instead, she married. 

She became a designer and after retiring decided to pursue art. Her husband, jealous of her time, issued an ultimatum. They divorced and she retired to Superior, Arizona where she's enjoyed turning her home into a three-story art work, inside as well as out. The lady holding a star got her branded as a witch which, she says isn't really accurate. She's more of an alchemist and was a longtime member of the Carl Jung society. She's still "into" mythology.

The saying above the entrance, "Kiss the joy as it flies" is from a poem by the artist, William Blake (28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827).

On Sundays, the day I was there, she staffs Sole to Soul Awakenings, a gallery that offers body work, essential oils shop...more info on Facebook. 

Below are two of Marilee's medicine bags, now mine. They come with an Apache Tear, a stone purported to heal grief, aid in grounding and protect/clear from negativity.

I also bought this book.

There were others whose pages formed the words LOVE and one had the word HOME with the O shaped like a heart. $50.00!!! Take note all yea who celebrate Valentine's.

Marilee offers workshops based on "The Artists' Way" and
tours of her house for $5.00. Call in advance to schedule. 602-291-0550


Art said...

That was pleasant.

Pepper McKean said...

Waiting for 'forthcoming"

MFH said...

Art, if that wit of yerz gets any drier, we're gonna have tuh start callin' yuh Mr. Rogers, after William Penn Adair.

MFH said...

Got the pitcherz tu git 'em onto the 'puter. Hope all is well, Ms. McKean. I'm in Cailorn-eye-a enjoyin' the warm sunshine around Palm Springs.