Friday, October 28, 2016

Sequoia National Forest

Up in the forest we trundled about. The large stump on the upper right was nearly as wide as the car. 

There were several small groves, but we never found any approaching the size of those in the northern section. Still, Smith was duly impressed. 

The road into Wishon campground continues out the back and, we were told, goes quite a ways. We only went about half a mile.

Temperatures are mild with warm days dipping into freezing only at the higher elevations.

When the rains came we went into Porterville. While there It cleared up so we went back. It was a few miles past Camp Nelson we found the forest road (top photo) to a nice campspot on the side of the hill. Just large enough for us to turn around, It seems we're destined to continue finding opportunities to be grateful for Phoebe (1996 Geo Tracker 4WD).


hannah jane said...

Smith looks just as happy as can be. And that is an impressive stump, one that begs to be climbed but also looks full of critters.

MFH said...

She's got a great attitude but works hard at guilt-tripping me when there aren't any trees, like when we're in the desert.

The Forest Service & BLM have done a SPECTACULAR job of making the world safe for cattle. There are no "vermin" such as chipmunks, mice, voles, or any other animals that would compete for the VALUABLE forage cattle require. This, of course, has meant complete collapse of the animal ecosystem with the disappearance of skunks, raccoons, weasels, otters, along with snakes and even ants! There is nothing for anything to eat, including birds (raptors be gone!!) and the resultant silences, much as I enjoy peace and quiet, are deafening. I'd venture to surmise that stump is totally devoid of wildlife. There are, of course, a few elk and deer..."game animals." The plus side is there are very few people and I usually have the place, wherever I am, to myself.