Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kristen Mendenhall in Jemez Springs - Ends Oct 13

When in ABQ I sometimes stay at Ms. Cook's blue-collar hovel in the Northeast Frights. After over a year of 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. barking from the dog two doors away I complained. The next door neighbor, a farm-raised bigot, took it upon himself to get revenge. Between his antics and the other three neighbors' dogs, not to mention the increased traffic noise over the last ten years, the place is, for me, almost unbearable. Ms. Cook's company makes it impossible to stay away, but it was time for some fresh air. 

We, Smith & I, drove to Jemez Springs, the valley of which is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Stopping for an art fix at the gallery, I was delighted to find Ms. Kristen Mendenhall's work. The individual pieces on this wall were priced at $245.00, but at a mere $2,205.00 for the "set," it seems a shame to break them up. 

(It's occassions such as this where my Sony Cybershot displays its weakness. If anyone has a Nikon D600 (or some such) just lying around I'd be happy to put it to use.)

Panel in lower right

Upper Right Panel. 

I enjoy the perspective and/or depth often seen in abstract and nonrepresentational paintings. Once, while gazing into the infinitude of a Jackson Pollock, I nearly fell over. The contrast in colors and triangular section at the bottom center of this panel offer easy access to the other dimensions. 

On my second visit

She also does photography. She explained they are one-inch closeups of rust, the texture of which she's captured without exposing the context. 

Her Artist's Statement is the best explanation I've read of the attraction of abstract and/or non-representational art. So hie thee hence...and the Fall colors are just getting going too.

Her show will be up through October 13th.

Here's her website.  This link is to her paintings. This one is her photographs. She also has work in gypsum.

Two and a half minutes about her work.

The Gallery is at the south end just before you get into "downtown." 

Highway 485 is 4 miles (6.4 km) north of Jemez Pueblo Visitors Center.

300 feet (0.9 km) across the bridge over the Jemez River on 485. 

I stopped to ask how late (into the year) Loma Linda C.G. was gonna be open. The HOST assured me All Year. I'm skeptical. Here's the number for the ranger station to check....575-829-3535. It's $5.00 per site. No hookups, pit toilets. 


Michelle Wing said...

Thanks for sharing this intro to Kristen Mendenhall's work. I have long been a fan, and appreciate any extra attention drawn to her exquisite artistic eye. Truly a little gem of a show, in a beautiful natural setting.

MFH said...

Michelle, It's my pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.

hannah jane said...

I love her art! I like the wall of it, with all the pieces together. She has quite the color range and her exuberance is infectious. I also like your scenery picture at the end. It's almost too bright for the eyes. I bet it takes your breath away being surrounded by all that beauty.

MFH said...

Dear Hannah Jane,

Her work is amazing!! The composition is intense as in the phrase she cites, "The air was full of sound," (in the video) but she manages it so well it feels embracing rather than overwhelming.

I've been visiting that spot with the cottonwoods for over 40 years since my uncle pointed it out when he came to visit my mom in '74. Where are you?

MFH said...

Squishy !!! If I ever get it straight it'll be a memorable day. Once again I tho't you were your mom, thus the query about your location.

MFH said...

Yes, even with one eye the beauty sets me to bawling like a babe. It is *friggin'* gorgeous!!

Pepper McKean said...

Her work is absolutely beautiful! If only I had $2000. Sigh I am wintering in Tucson and exploring southern Arizona. I am planning a few days around the Oatman Massacre Site. I don't have a 600 laying around but I do have a 3100.

MFH said...

It's so much better in real life. Thanks for the offer of the 3100, I may take you up on it. Kristen saw the blogpost and offered a camera she's no longer using that she used for her closeups of rust. I can't remember what model it is, but I'm hoping it's small. The Cybershot does fine on landscapes, but it'd be nice to have one that could do "indoor."

I'm heading west via southern Utah. Will be returning to ABQ for a few days mid-November. Perhaps we can meetup?