Thursday, June 9, 2016

Vintage Japanese Hummer (VJH)

In ABQ I took Phoebe, or, The Pheeb, as she's casually known, to get her valves adjusted and windows tinted.

When Dick from RPM called he said, "The Hummer is ready." He's always chided me about the Metro's lack of power and chortled over its cumulative displacement of one liter...and only three cylinders. When I told him her name he said, "Pheobe Hummer."  

As an old Marine working on an old hippie's rig; it's taken over a year to get comfortable with each other. The shop's motto is: Where We Do What We Say.

I'm here until Tuesday getting it titled etc.

Tinted windows...

The blue cylinder to the right of the windshield is a sculpture. It's supposed to evoke the "industrial" nature of the area, but is, in fact, just another of the token pieces of crap Albuquerque uses to give itself credit for trying. What can I say...there're (or, in the vernacular: there's) more Walmarts per capita than any other U.S. city.

'lectric shift 4 whl dr = no hubs...tre elegante (pinky distended).

Serendipity: the custom-built wormwood maple sleeping platform I had made for Eggbert just needed to be lowered about an inch. 

The hatch provides access to additional storage and the jack.

Really love your peaches wanna.....?

The yellow spot in front of the jug is the bubble in the level used to get the platform juuuuuust right.

Note dragon on dash. I am, according to the Chinese historical calendar, a dragon guy. It's purple with a very "sportive" stance.


Sukhi Hontu said...

Looks great...Phoebe Hummer is gettin' ready for the road!

Pepper McKean said...

Looking forward to pics!

Jozien Keijzer said...

congratulations and thanks for the postcard :)

MFH said...

You're welcome!

Pepper McKean said...

Hope all is well.