Friday, April 29, 2016

Painted Desert Project - Pumphouse

Youtube Vid About Chip Thomas


How it came to be


An Upload on Chip Thomas's Youtube Channel
             (uploaded Nov 13, 2017)

Beware the ditch at the bottom of the hill.

That poster is *adhered.* It's fully-seated in the grout lines. As a collector, my ambivalence was intense; maybe with time I COULD get it off. I consoled myself with a quote from my therapist, "Handling ambivalence is a sign of maturity."

Notice the word hor (lined through) between pump and house.


Above: I spent some time driving around Tuba City and asking folks, but couldn't find the work mentioned: Step on JR's House. 


N 35.95443 degrees W 111.39668 degrees

For those who prefer feet:

N 35 degrees 57.266' W 111 degrees 23.800'

For them what uses odometer:

About 6.5 miles N of Cameron on east side of highway 89. 


Pepper McKean said...

This is incredible!

Jozien Keijzer said...

Yes! This so much more then bluebirds.
Yet it still might link a bit to my bluebird story currently; 3 bluebirds have been occupying, by flying around my yard for a few days now. They might settle in for a bit. for a bit I say...because on springs like this, when blue birds do find my yard worthy of a visit. I know...the beautiful dark metallic swallows will follow and will chase out the bluebirds who by the time the swallows arrive, will sit on eggs.

hannah jane said...

I want to pick up this whole building and put it in my heart.