Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I had to make a second run. As I was exiting the car, Mme Mandette was strolling by with Josephine, the dog. She and her husband have been there 38 years. They had a gallery in New York, but commuting was too tedious. When they came there was nothing.

Anderson-Mandette Gallery. Anderson is her husband. He's from Phoenix; she's from France...Bordeaux, I think she said. The gallery is in one of the Old High School buildings.

A raku mask by Mme. Mandette

Mme Mandette...with watercolor cat picture. The title of the red book under its paw is Law.

Some things found in one of the other buildings (of the old school)

Early Anxieties?

This small piece is about 3 inches tall and five wide.

Cover for the art issue of Trailer Life?

This one had its own title. 

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Pepper McKean said...

Love the mask and the pissed off fat kitty too.