Friday, March 11, 2016

Good Cat Music!

Sometimes when yer not feeling well, it helps to play some good cat music. Herewith are several that often help lift my spliffoes (the poochie parts on a tabby's face where their whiskers come out). These segued into each other but I offer them individually just in case.

Stars & Stripes Forever

Washington Post March

Semper Fidelas

Sousa's King Cotton March

And for the finale, this superb performance with CANNONS!! Imagine, if you will, the cats reveling in another successful day of day-trading. Encamped upon a hill, the twilight transitioning about them, they raise their glasses to another fine day of capitalist endeavor. (My tabby Sophie, who died a few years ago at age 22, was a mergers & acquisitions specialist whose conglomerate, World Domination Cat Toys helped guide Nixon's efforts to open China and thereby save the world from WW III.)

This is music; it does NOT reflect my opinion of war...a completely unjustifiable activity.

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