Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hozhoni Gallery, Flagstaff - Outsider Art

A MUST SEE whenever in Flagstaff is the Hozhoni Gallery. The artists, referred to as clients, have developmental disabilities so the work is bonafide outsider.
Open Saturday 10 - 4. But they'll glady open it for you if you go to the main office and ask. The low prices add to the delight. The Cat is $25.00.

2133 N Walgreen Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Ph: 928-526-7944

The Mask is almost two feet tall and about a foot wide.
It's Thunder Spirit by Edward Haswood

The Cat is about two and a half feet long and nearly a foot tall

Each doll is about ten inches tall

These three assemblages were about five inches long and almost as tall

Mask by Miranda Delgai


Mission Statement
The Hozhoni Foundation provides individualized residential, vocational, and educational services primarily for people with developmental disabilities. 

Our goal is to enhance quality of life, self-sufficiency, dignity and self- respect of the individuals we serve. We provide opportunities for education and interaction within the community to heighten awareness and understanding of people with disabilities.

My purchases - Four Popcorn Tiles by Tammy Smith


Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks - I never even heard of it while I was there.


Great Talent ...Thanks for being the scout!

hannah jane said...

Wow, this is some wacky awesome art! The yarn mask is exceptional.

MFH said...

It's hidden at the end of Steve's Road in the industrial area. There used to be a Goodwill place nearby where they had free showers; I chanced upon it while waiting my turn. Sorry to take so long to reply...just got to Beatty, Nevada where there's wifi. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

MFH said...

Glad you enjoyed! I'm going to add my purchase later today...."Popcorn Tiles."

MFH said...

These folks are amazing!! I've toyed with the idea of opening a gallery for their art in downtown Flag, but I'm enjoying retirement too much. You know how it is. ; - )