Friday, February 26, 2016

Amargosa Opera House - Death Valley Junction

There was someone on my tail as we went into the dog-leg that's Death Valley Junction. In the middle of the "elbow" I pulled into a driveway to get out of her way and found myself in front of the Amargosa Opera House.

The artist, dancer and choreographer, Marta Becket, came here from New York in 1967 and danced until age 85. She's 91 and sometimes attends the Sunday matinee. It was only Tuesday so we had time to prepare. We began with the tour. ($5.00 --  check it out!)

While waiting we toured Death Valley. On Sunday after the performance we (Eggbert & I) learned Jenna McClintock began her studies at the age of 14 with the founder of a Bay Area dance company. Now, at the age of 30, she's threatening to retire. Once you see these videos you'll see she's stopping at the top of her game.

Bailar, an original creation by Ms. McClintock...

And one by Marta Becket...

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