Friday, June 19, 2015

REPAIRS, Attitood & Multi-culturalism

If you read Overland Journal you might notice how many folks have older vehicles. Rather than getting annoyed, they seem to accept repairs and maintenance as part of the deal. Which is interesting because a friend once defined my lifestyle as "a high tolerance for inconvenience." Aside from the fact that we Germans are naturally contrary, I allowed as how I have NO tolerance for inconvenience...dummkopf!!!

Thus, when I noticed an accumulation under the shift-shaft seal I took a leisurely stroll through the Geo Metro forum und scrutinizd der fixes. After two veeks uf vaiting for parts und tranzacting a special tool acquisition, it turned out to be more than I could handle. In the meantime, I completed a lengthy To-Do list. 

And as you can see from the photo, I haven't missed any meals either. (Along with the colors of their flag, the suspenders include der German eagle.) Yah!!! Das ist multi-culturalism!!

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