Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The High Road to Young (Arizona)

The blue haze that blankets the region comes from one of the largest open-pit mines in the world; it's exhaust from the huge dump trucks. You can see it happening when you stand at the overlook provided for your viewing pleasure. It exudes from the lower end of the pustule and adds a metallic flavor to the air....worse than Los Angeles ever was.

But when the desert blooms the close-ups are incomparable. I took the road to Young (not shown on Google maps). It's dirt in places but nothin' yer momma's cadillac would mind -- though some of the switchbacks may be challenging for "longer" vehicles (you know who you are).

The diversity is impressive. Barrels, Spanish Bayonets, Cholla, and a profundence of catclaw which, with its pungent, honeysuckle smell, helps over-ride the aforementioned odour-mettalica. There is a constant hum of bees. That's Eggbert -- with open hatch & turquoise towel -- in the upper left.

No doubt a relative of the pussy-willow (damifiknow), this specimen was sanctuaried in a canyon near Cherry Creek.

Appearing much-like the tasty fruits of other specimens, these too had formidable spines waiting to attach themselves to incautious fingers. Note "greenness" of new growth.

This symmetrical wad was, you could tell, very pleased with itself. And rightfully so, eh?

These were the dominant species...covering the desert (see photo below). 

Although it was cloudy, the bluish cast in the distance is from The Mine.

These three were having a great time!!!

And as everyone attests, the sunsets are incomparable.

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Anonymous said...

I've been needing to get back up to Young. My roommate's family has a cabin up there. Great pictures!