Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Overland Expo West

You know how when you walk into a party, a bar, or a nudist colony and you just fit in? Well, the Overland Expo West was that way for me.

Check it out....a komode!

                                                                    (Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers).

Everywhere there were folks talking about their adventures, the great people they'd met and where they were headed next. And next was, at least from those I spoke with, remote areas of the Southwest, Mongolia (on motorcycle, no less), India, South Africa, Malaysia and places I'm gonna have to check the spelling of.

                                                                The Journal blog.

Most of the rigs were larger than what I like, but the majority were designed for outdoor living i.e., sans porta-potty and shower. I was interested to see quite a few older-model-enthusiasts including a (young) couple from Calgary, Alberta (Canada) who had driven down in their 1988 Toyota Landcruiser J4.

This Willys predates even the Toyotas.

It was great to meet and see some of the folks/rigs I'd read about in The Journal. The lived-in look of  Anna Callau and Pablo Rey's VW synchro with it's roll of toilet paper perched atop some clothes and socks drying on the dash was especially homey.

A close-up of that bumper.....

Even some appreciation of color.... note matching lugs and

                                                                                 (THAT's cool....towel drying on front bumper)

contrasting Max-trax (the purple thing on the side of the van)....

And although it's surmisal, for some reason this one had a "family" atmosphere.

But it was the overall vibe that was so cool. No talk of politiks, guns, sports or religion. When it wasn't destinations it was vintages (wines) or micro-brews; an eclectic group that felt like a family.

Many thanks to the Overland Expo folks for putting it together!!!

Next Post: The Three Journalists and hitch-hiking around Mormon Lake.


Shkermaker said...

Hey, just read about your encounter with the Jalopnik guys. Will be following your blog from now on :)

MFH said...

Andrew Collins, Zack Bowman (Road & Track), and Scott Evans (Motor Trend) are, as my Black girlfriend used to say, "Duh Sheeit!!" Thanks for stopping by!