Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Gallery In Williams

Several weeks ago three artists at The Gallery in Williams (Arizona, that is) granted interviews. Now, finally, they can be seen on Youtube. Please enjoy videos of 

Don Nord...

....a cabinet maker who's taken his skills to another level. He combines his love of woodworking with turbine blades from helicopters that fly over the Grand Canyon, railroad spikes from the Grand Canyon Railroad, and gears, piston rods and such from automobiles. 

Amy S. Martin... a rower with the Arizona Department of Fish & Wildlife. She rows on Colorado River trips and photographs as she goes. She is also a former Peace Corp worker (this link is to a project she's working on) who is interested in helping the stateless peoples' of the Dominican Republic.


Tom Williams... and a gallery founder, Tom makes beautiful bells from propane tanks and sculptures using the shoes of mules that trod the trails of the Grand Canyon. His "Shoeguaro" sculpture won Best in Show at the Flagstaff 2012 Recycled Art Exhibition (coordinated by The Artists' Coalition of Flagstaff). A collaborative sculpture is installed at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff.  

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