Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fort Trevor & The Vigraha Art Gallery in Prescott

On the way to our meetup, Suzan stopped to visit a friend. As the friend's daughter was admiring Suzan's  hammock and stuff, she commented that Trevor was like a fort. Thus, his name, which means Trusted Traveler, became Fort Trevor. 

Suzan and I are spending a couple of weeks together while she acclimates to finding her way "home" each evening. 

She's adapting amazingly fast and you can tell by Fort Trevor's smile he's pleased 
to, once again, be oot & aboot.

We stopped in Prescott where I sampled the Nasty Lady (with mushrooms) at Nastee Dogs hot dogs (one block South of the Court House on the West side). They make all their own dogs, buns, mayonnaise and ketchup. The meat is smoked behind the store. It was the best Brat I've had since Germany!! And only $7.50. 

We also visited The Vigraha Art Gallery at 115 E Goodwin Street, Suite E. It's just up the hill from the Chamber of Commerce in the back left corner of a little court yard on the same side of the street as the Chamber. It was full of museum-quality Tibetan, Nepalese and East Indian bronzes (for reals!!!), a few of which were life-size. 

Suzan keeps her guiding principles on a white board so they can be easily updated. 

1) Face the fact of your own death.

2) Stop making excuses.

3) Become a woman of your word.

         A) Be impeccable with your word.

4) Don't take anything personally.

5) Don't make assumptions.

6) Always do your best.

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