Monday, June 9, 2014

Rising Moon Gallery and Art Center...Wants You

When I stopped in at Abiquiu the other day Jaye Buros said she's looking for her replacement. She's gonna be 70 next March and wants to go full-time on her own art and other projects.

Georgia O'Keefe put Abiquiu, New Mexico on the map. Ms. Helen Hunt purchased the land and paid to have the building built that houses the Rising Moon Gallery and Art Center.

It's not often a position like this comes open, usually someone has to die, so Ms. Buros' retirement is a happy anomaly. She's owned the gallery for four and half years while running the Art Center as a volunteer. There is a Board of Directors that is in the beginning stages of establishing a non-profit Arts Council.

Abiquiu has recently been "discovered" and is growing. There's a Chamber Music group made up of world-class musicians that performs monthly; artists in the area hail from all over the world and their aesthetics are as broad. 

The Native and Hispanic contingents add to the diverse mix of aesthetics and the geography is such that there are four seasons. The scenery, which mesmerized Ms. O'Keefe and her friends, is still incomparable.

For more information, contact Ms. Buros at the numbers she gives in her video (above) or Ms. Peggy Thompson, Board Member, at This could ALL be yours!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! Helen Hunt donated the land to Abiquiu as a gift. Berna Gallegos runs the Tres Semillas Foundation as a Non Profit on behalf of the community.