Monday, June 2, 2014

Manana for Sure

I started packing yesterday. After dark I installed the new, brighter headlight bulbs and got 'em aimed. 

This morning Eggbert had his annual bath after which I picked up my new Samick Sage bow that I decided I NEED to keep my upper bod in shape. It's a 25 pd pull, light for an adult male, but something I can manage after that shoulder was injured in a motorcycle accident. (I was bombing down the boulevard on my Triumph Bonneville 650 on my way to work with the firey orb of the rising sun blinding the oncoming driver. He turned in front of me sending me airborne over his right front fender. Noticing the hood ornament, I used it as leverage to stay my flight. But luck was not with me and I fell in front of the vehicle, got hooked on the bumper and was dragged along on my shoulder while yelling, "STOP!!!! STOP!!!") I hope to work up to 35pd pull/draw.

Cholla cactus is often considered a weed. And it seems to be a little-known fact (according to my research) that it's the preferred habitat of Curve-billed Thrashers. Thrashers, distant cousins of the nightingale, affirm their lineage every morning and evening. This year the cholla bloomed more profusely than ever before.

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