Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Readers' Cove Used Books - Deming, New Mexico

Deming, New Mexico has come a long way from the days when it offered nought much more than several forms. It's gotten bigger too and although it still has a nice small-town feel, there are a number of amenities that appeal to us travelers.

The Visitor Center, where E Spruce St and highway 180/E Pine St merge has wifi. It's password protected (for reasons unknown) but inside the facility the password is out in the open for everyone to see. As of 11/7/13 it was demingvisitor -- all one word and all lowercase.

Readers' Cove Used Books & Gallery has an awesome selection. The current owners bought it two years ago and its eye-catching paint job does what it's supposed the corner of Spruce & Copper. Two blocks from the beaten path.

Las Casuelas Carneceria behind Denny's (Denny's is on E Cedar Street, the south-bound frontage road) has locally-grown, grass-fed ground beef for $6.00/pd. Their  home-made bratwurst and Mexican sausages are excellent.

Although the only thing organic available at Peppers Supermarket was tomatoes, the selection, wide-spaced aisles and general ambiance is so much more pleasant only a fool would shop anywhere else. It's a tad out of the way though so gird yer loins...or whatever. Take S Gold St (Which becomes Columbus Rd) about two miles south (from highway 180) toward Columbus. Watch for the Snappy Mart on the right as you approach the junction with E Florida St. On the SE corner is a large Chevron station. Turn left onto E Florida and it's about 200 feet on the right. The Dona Maria corn tortillas are superb. Of course, they have to be fried until crisp to reach their full potential.

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