Sunday, November 24, 2013

German RV

My RV suites me perfectly but every now and then I see another that catches my eye. On November 9, I was wending my way toward the west coast when I came across this one at the Pima Air & Space Museum outside Tuscon.

Note the bit of patriotism in the small window above the cab.

Understatement rules -- The Name (above the shotgun door) tastefully aligned with the window aperture.

 For those who don't recognize the coachmaker, it's discreetly written above the driver's door...Woelcke Offroadmobile. Their bespoke conversions are a self-defined class...Deutsch, of course. Here's a link to a list of Mercedes/Sprinter conversion websites.

Daimler AG bought 92% of Chrysler in 1998.

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