Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SITE Santa Fe through May 19, 2013

Three concurrent exhibits run through May 19, 2013. Admission is free on Fridays to New Mexicans.

Pictures don't EVEN begin to do justice. Word (rumor, not the software) has it that most of the acclaim for the exhibit is based in nostalgia...the way olde people like music they heard as children. The criticism I heard came (was lobbed) from the "It's sssOOOooo passe and pretentious" side of the fence.

The four images below are from Linda Mary Montano's exhibit titled: Always Creative.

More of Linda Mary Montano's....

The Time mirrors are part of the exhibit: Mungo Thomson: Time, People, Money, Crickets

Inside the boxes were edited copies of PEOPLE magazine with all the peoples' faces removed. Few seemed to realize they were free for the taking. I've never cared for PEOPLE magazine, let alone one with faces edited out.

I missed the seventies (and the eighties too, for that matter). I heard it was tough times, but I think having been oblivious enabled me to enjoy these exhibits. Rather than passe, I thought some of them, like the forest of phalli (below), refreshingly playful. 


My fav was the melting ice with microphones. The reverb echoed the lyrics of Simon & Garfunkel's 1964 hit. 

Devin Kovach, staff, moves ice toward middle. It WANTS to be near the edge.

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