Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bishop Creek - Outside Bishop, CA

I try and find a quiet hidey-hole on holiday weekends. This last one found me up a creek, Bishop it wuz. It was there I chanced upon an American Conservation Experience (ACE) group, an offshoot of the Conservation Corp. This outfit is based in Santa Cruz but are expanding into Utah.

There were a couple of females too. I'd come through in the morning and my "Good Morning!" was echoed with enthusiasm.

It was well into the afternoon when I returned and I was impressed by how much everyone'd accomplished. They get a stipend -- a token amount that lets the bureaucrats say the workers are paid -- & room and board. Their enthusiasm and humor put a lie to all what the media sez about "kids."

Tyler Brea, Ryan Bourgart and Mark Van Haltern were justifiably satisfied with the steps they built down to the creek. I think the CCC folks (circa 1935) would've been too.

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i like this a lot.