Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Archives - La Grande, Oregon

As You Enter

I found a couple of places in La Grande, Oregon to recommend. Anderson's Shoe And Leather Goods at 1407 Adams Avenue and The Archives used book store at 315 Fir Street. Adams is La Grande's main street and Fir is one block away from Anderson's. They're both easy to find.

Mr. Anderson was in the middle of a job but willingly put it aside to tackle mine. When I inquired about cost, he proposed a ridiculously low price. I say ridiculous because the repair required hand work. And although he said it would be easy, to me it was an obvious case of "$25.00 for the hammer and $125.00 for knowing where to hit the thing." I willingly paid twice what he asked. So don't let him get away with undervaluing his work. It's almost unAmerican! And to top it off, he referred me to The Archives, the finest used book store I've seen, bar none.

When I walked in I admit I was a bit overwhelmed. Mr. Anderson had warned me, but I was unprepared for the magnitude. There are three large rooms and must be more as while I was there a fellow who seemed to know his way around came in, disappeared somewhere past the childrens' section and later (triumphantly!) emerged with several boxes of VHS tapes.
Mr. Walter Osterloh

Mr. Walter Osterloh's collection is organized by subject, but upon closer scrutiny I noticed eclectic anomalies that soon had me engrossed in checking each title.

I had a few things I was looking for and upon telling Mr. Osterloh the titles he quickly either found them or was able to say he didn't have them. (He kindly located them online and told me their prices.) I left with a fine copy of Waiting For Godot and a DeLorme Atlas of Oregon & Gazetteer.

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