Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bend, Oregon -- Bustling and Fun, But Not Much Art

In  addition to my preference for LSD, I like dry climates. So, after an entire day of humidity and overcast, my suicidal ideation was kicking in. It's a common symptom of desert dwellers, but one ignores the significance at one's peril. So I headed east, into the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains and to Bend.

Since I commonly break camp around 1:00 p.m., it was well into the day when I arrived.  I'd visited in the early '70s and now wanted to spend a couple of days seeing the changes. It being too far to the National Forest, I took a room at the Holiday Motel. Impressed with its curb appeal, I inquired of Mr. Mukesh Chopra about its history. He said they'd had it for 18 years and enjoyed a three-star rating with

The room was of comfortable size with a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot. There was a large screen T.V. (I don't partake) and two wi-fi networks, both excellent. But what really sold me was the cleanliness. The place is immaculate!

The next day I followed Mr. Nose to the downtown. Disembarking, I inquired of a passerby as to the location of the art galleries. He hadn't any particulars, but assured me they were nearby. My intuition led me round the corner and down the block where I read on a window: Fine Jewelry and Art - Ground Floor. I followed the hall to the rear of the building where Ms. Karen Bandy said she would be opening in another seven minutes.

Floral Dreams II

Crossing the hall to Let It Ride, Mr. Dean Egertson, a purveyor of electric bicycles, gave me a tour and let me try a few.

Back at Ms. Bandy's studio, I savored  her abstract paintings and exquisite jewelry. It is THE place to go in Bend. As outstanding as her jewelry is, her paintings compete for one's attention. These three hint at her range. She also does wonderful images of animals.

                  Ah, The Beach At Last

The town has grown, but not the art scene. Other than Ms. Bandy's gallery, I found nothing of interest.

                                                                             Hat Trick

I may not have delved deeply enough, but in this part of the world, the arts seem disproportionately neglected.

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