Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cochise Stronghold

There's a campground but there's no water so why go there? We found a spot where the road descends into a ravine and, as you come up the other side, you have to lean waaaaaayyy over in order to get around the gully the rains have cut. Nothing longer than a pickup gets in, or out, alive. Between the fierceness of the approach and the fact that it's a little off the beaten path means there's rarely more than two passersby in the course of a day. 

The flag helps hold the spot when we're away.

Smith enjoys summiting the oaks and having some decent rock(s) to hone her sabers on. Here she shows off her au-naturale camo ensemble. 

She was still a kitten at the time of our last visit. She'd grokked the need to do our best to live off the land so I was pleased when she strode into camp mit ein fine Trophy Vole. This time she brought down a full-sized mouse. Aye, it'll not be long afore we'll need buy nought but gin 'n' vermouth.


Michelle Cook said...

It's a scientific fact that gin and vermouth both compliment a fine vole roast.

Good Luck Duck said...

"You're a fine specimen! Isn't he a lovely vole, Gin?"

Michelle Cook said...

It is additionally a scientific fact that when his celebrity pals, comedy duo Gin and Vermouth, roasted the unfortunate Vole, they did not pay him any complements.

Jozien Keijzer said...

Smith is so fortunate to have you

MFH said...

Yeah, well, as any cat will tell you, it's the other way around. She, like all cats, is just damn lucky she's so cuddly. I have to laugh as she's young & WAY too busy to be cuddled. The occasions she condescends are usually accompanied by her muttering, "Hurry up Budzo and get it into the dish." But, being self-centered, I appreciate her/their cattitude(s).