Friday, July 1, 2016

Stoner Mesa Road - Colorado

This is high country nonpareil. The green'll damn near blind yuh. 

Atop Stoner Mesa Rd, one of the many Nat'l Forest Access roads off County Road 38 (Forest Rd 536). 

An extension of County Road 38, 536 was recommended by Mark Johnson of Box Canyon Blog. The mountain loop starts about 14 miles north of Dolores and comes out on highway 145 a few miles north of Rico (Colorado). The southern portion is accessed by long 5th wheels, but the northern part has a few hairpins that, I suspect, are the reason for the NO TRAILERS BEYOND THIS POINT sign a few miles north of the hamlet of Dunton.


Mark Johnson said...

And the creek has Rainbow Trout, too :)

MFH said...

Good thing the rain drove me out otherwise I'd have had to break down and buy a fishing license. When are we gonna see some new paintings?