Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Skank Water Cure

Things leak; it's a scientific fact. As the ice melts the water gets diluted with various "juices." In a matter of hours, not to mention days, the odour can evoke memories of Lake Erie in the '70s. So I was pleased when an accidental discovery cured the problem.

I sometimes anoint fish with lemon and keep one on hand for blending with rum and/or gin. The cooler is usually full with meat (and beer) so I've always thrown it, the lemon, in with the other (expendable) veggies. I realize it doesn't compare to the work of Jonas Salk or Linus Pauling, but I'm confident Linus would've nodded with satisfaction. 

No applause please, just send money.

P.S. After three weeks the lemon was looking a bit worse for wear. Last night (See my comment in prev blogpost about giving up.) I cut it up and it mixed quite well with the gin.  


Jozien Keijzer said...

yes! A lemon...:0 ha . all sorts of thoughts come up , let's talk soon. Tomorrow I am home or now:)

hannah jane said...

It's amazing how long some things can last and still be good. And where the heck are you finding fish?

MFH said...

Hey hannah jane!!! Are you in Maine?

I pick up the fish wherever I find it. This was Tony's Smoked Salmon purchased from The Village Market in Moab. Not as good as fresh-smoked flown down on dry ice from the Copper River in Alaska, but it'll do. (A buddy's dad used to fly up to AK each summer and send back several boxes of smoked he'd caught. I've yet to find anything to match, let alone beat it.)

hannah jane said...

Ah, smoked salmon from the fancy market. Makes sense. And no, I am not in Maine. My mom was there for awhile though.

MFH said...

I keep confusing which is of you is who...or whom. Mayhaps it's that you're so alike?

My Dad ate everything and anything and we were taught not to turn our noses up until we'd tried it. Mom enjoyed cooking but empathized with the lobsters and had trouble dropping them into the boiling water. Tourism is alive and well and many of the small-town markets are doing what they can to cater to the varied tastes, but it's gotta be a challenge.