Friday, April 29, 2016

Painted Desert Project - Pumphouse


N 35.95443 degrees W 111.39668 degrees

For those who prefer feet:

N 35 degrees 57.266' W 111 degrees 23.800'

For them what uses odometer:

About 6.5 miles N of Cameron on east side of highway 89. 

Everyone: Beware the ditch at the bottom of the hill.

That poster is *adhered.* It's fully-seated in the grout lines. As a collector, my ambivalence was intense; maybe with time I COULD get it off. I consoled myself with a quote from my therapist, "Handling ambivalence is a sign of maturity."

Notice the word hor (lined through) between pump and house.


Above: I spent some time driving around Tuba City and asking folks, but couldn't find the work mentioned: Step on JR's House. 


  1. Yes! This so much more then bluebirds.
    Yet it still might link a bit to my bluebird story currently; 3 bluebirds have been occupying, by flying around my yard for a few days now. They might settle in for a bit. for a bit I say...because on springs like this, when blue birds do find my yard worthy of a visit. I know...the beautiful dark metallic swallows will follow and will chase out the bluebirds who by the time the swallows arrive, will sit on eggs.

  2. I want to pick up this whole building and put it in my heart.