Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jerome: There Be Artists

I'd tried several times to make the "Expedition" from Williams to Jerome via Perkinsville. Each time it was either raining or had just. And each time, we, Eggbert & I, tentatively dribbled our toes in the gumbo at the end of the pavement hoping, each time, it might have magically hardened. This time -- it was Wednesday -- rain wasn't forecast until Friday. Unfortunately, it came a bit early. 

10 miles north of Jerome we hunkered down. Our only misgivings were that Thursday had been bath day and we now only had two gallons of water. Fortunately, Eggbert doesn't drink much.

Typical Spring weather...there was some sleet, a couple of tornadoes. Around 2 the sun came out. I hiked around and by the time I got back, it was dry enough to trundle on (said with a nod to Ramble On by Led Hindenburg). 

Phew! Now that we got all THAT out of the way. Here's Jerome.

The Rear Entrance

The Burbs

The Cat Patch

The Art Jag


Pepper McKean said...

Your photos are beautiful. I am digging the tie dye car, didn't Janis Joplin have a similar one?

MFH said...

Pepper!! Here you R!!! I thought maybe I'd lost U!! Glad you like the pix. Haven't heard about Janis' ride. Did she have something similar?

hannah jane said...

That car is very groovy. I think it could make anyone look cool.

Pepper McKean said...

Shucks I was hoping to put a picture here.... Janis' car was/is a beautiful car.