Sunday, August 12, 2012

Earthbound Farms - How to lose market share

I buy organic when it's available. Earthbound Farms seems to have a major corner on the market in Northeastern Oregon.

Lately I've had problems. The Romaine Hearts were bitter and their Russet potatoes had rotten centers. I called and complained about the Hearts and they're sending coupons for more. More of the same, no doubt.

Coupons my be enough for most people, but I'm often 50 to 100 miles from a town. For the past week I've been camping around the East Fork of Eagle Creek in the Wallowa Whitman National Forest. The nearest good-sized town, Baker City, is at least 60 miles away. And that's over gravel roads on which top speed is about 20 miles per hour. Do the math. That's three hours, ONE WAY. And I don't cotton much to spending $75.00 or more for a motel so that means going back. And I like to limit my travel to 12.5 miles per day. And then there's gas. I paid $4.29 per gallon in Halfway the other day.

And what about compensation for the annoyance, the interest on the money sitting in their pockets while I'm looking at rotten product? Oh, and let's not forget the time wandering through a store finding the replacement.

And what about you townies? Every time you run out to shop you burn up more gasoline, wear tires and brake pads, take time away from loved ones (or more likely, quality time in front of the t.v.). I mean, how green is that?

So a coupon just doesn't cut it. Keep your coupons; send cash....quadruple at least!! That'll be $15.96 (4 x 3.99) for the potatoes. Oh, and be sure and add $62.40 for 120 miles round-trip at the IRS rate of 0.52/mile, plus $1,410.00 for six hours of my time at my regular rate of $235.00/hour for a total of $1,488.36. And if you're feeling generous, you can throw in  $75.00 for a massage. I'll need one after driving for six hours.

My advice: Buyer Beware.

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Anonymous said...

My earthbound farms spring mix has rotted before the expiry date on multiple occasions, seems like there's a pattern here....