Thursday, October 12, 2017

White's - Cleaned & Oiled

After ten months of hard use they rival a Timex.

Check out that fine gusset courtesy of Melissa McDonald, seamstress extraordinaire. It/they enable me to get in and out of my pants with ease.....a requisite when one stumbles upon an orgy.

The chairs are heirlooms from the Central Holiday Inn in El Paso. My mom was, in 1968, assistant to the regional director and The Inn was replacing them with new ("Throw 'em out," he commanded). She, recognizing their sturdiness, brought several home. Double-El recovered 'em ten years ago.


Allison said...

Those are some stout looking boots. I can see why you like them. Love the gusset on the pants.

MFH said...

Hello Allison!! They weigh 4.5 pds each so I get a good workout just strolling around in 'em. But the best part was having my innate German skepticism blown out of the water by how comfortable they are; like pulling on those proverbial kid gloves. As mentioned in the original post, they've been great since day one -- without even a "break-in" period.

Grumpy Annie said...

I tend to be the same way. If I like something and it's serving me well, I will wear it completely out.
-I was thinking that recently when I got all my winter clothes back out. My mother was still alive when I acquired some of the clothing, and she passed away in 1996.

The gussets are groovy!
I remember my second marriage I had an actual wedding dress. It was the only one I liked out of the millions I looked at. It was way too small, so they put gussets in for me.

Shoes are a different story. Although yours are nice, and look to be very sturdy (they look like they could make it through the massive acreage of the Nairobi sands AND the trenches of Normandy at least 1000 times over. By then, your thighs's be beefed waaayyyyy up!)... I now wear a size 11 W because my feet have gotten so bad. Bunions, amongst other things.
I'm having surgery around Thanksgiving on my left foot because they tell me I'm going to end up losing the ability to walk at all if I don't hurry up and get it done. Obviously, I've put it off for years. The other foot can wait. Just call me gimpy. I've chosen around Thanksgiving only because I'll get extra time off. They want to keep me in the hospital for 4 days which I think is crazy. None the less, I'm going to go for it. I like to spend Thanksgiving alone so in a way I'd still be doing that with the exception of all the people that poke & prod & bug ya.
The problem I have is this - I might need to get new shoes afterwards because I won't have this big ol' honkin' thing poking out the side of my foot anymore (I'm an 8.5 "in real life"). I gave my other shoes away. Tons of them. They killed my fate. Not to mention, I move way too much to try to save stuff like that . So, new shoes cost money and I'm freaking out about it. At the same time, it's exciting because I'm a girl and I kinda like shoes, hahaha. It's just going to be weird needing an eight and a half on one foot and a still an 11 wide on the other. I guess I just better get some big ol' thick socks, instead, amirite?

MFH said...

Alright now!!! This is going Too Far!!! How DARE a woman make such personal remarks, cajole and entice; disclose and lash-bat and when he goes (gamboling off) to her blog to find out who this loquacious lovely might be....THERE'S NOTHING HERE!!!

This is gonna result in some SEVERE backlash!! I'll have you know I've saved more marriages than any other man I know by teaching women how to get what they deserve.

Would you consider coffee or tea around 2:00 p.m somewhere between Tuscon and Organ Pipe Natl Mon sometime around Nov 17th?