Friday, June 2, 2017

You Can't Get There From Here

Tricky Ricky Rocks decided to sell his Mercedes SL. But first, it needs a new bumper. Fortunately, SL Auto parts which specializes in SL convertibles, had one. And be-inz as hit war on muh way (sort of) I beneficently agreed to save him the postage and pick it up...near Sacramento.  Although exceedingly fragile, it weighs less than ten pounds and is, for a bumper, easy to maneuver.

In the interests of Piddling, eshewing the internet and road condition alerts, I considered several crossings of the Sierra. It was on highway 108 at the base of the foothills that the electronic sign alerted me that it was closed. But there was a nice place to camp.

Next choice, 120 via Yosemite National Park and Tioga Pass, is, I discovered at the park entrance, still closed.  Oh well, I got to see the Merced River at an "unseasonable high" level.

Accepting defeat, I took the short cut out of the park to Merced. The road follows along the river and passes by what I surmise is a CCC-built Visitor Center - closed due to lack of staff.

There's a canvas painting around the door that the bear reminded me of Vince Distasio's style.

I loved the sign at the entrance to the parking. Along with mention of the unseasonbleness, it reminded to "Be safe, stay alive, wear a life jacket." I imagine them saying, "OMG!!! You mean I could DIE here? Watch out, Jonnie! Don't get too close!!!"

I mean, it is common knowledge you CAN kill yourself by drinking too much water...taking too many aspirin, not looking both ways before emerging from your mom's vagina etc., etc., etc. Let's hope it helps keep 'em in front of their TVs so the rest of us can enjoy it.

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