Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pinnacles National Park, Matisse-Diebenkorn & Mark Johnson

Parks, In My Esteemed Opinion (IMEO), are in close competition with rest areas. The problem is there's not a rest area on highway 25 between Coalinga and Anthony Chabot Regional Park.

I spent the first night, about 20 miles north of Coalinga, California on a turnout on Coalinga Road. It was late afternoon when I'd finally gotten out of town and just couldn't do the remaining twelve miles to the park.

In the morning I was greeted (in an aggressive tone) by Mike Baumgardner with "What're you doing?!"  I rejoined with "Who wants to know?" a bit louder which got him tuh thinkin' 'bout his options. He claimed I was on HIS LAND!!!..."The easement is 30 feet from the centerline." I looked and thought he maybe had me by three feet. Always the gentleman, I gave him his choice of weapons, but once he learned I was enroute to the Matisse-Diebenkorn exhibit at SFMOMA he was all smiles and ready to talk art, cats and what to wear.

Pinnacles wasn't much better. Buggy, screaming children, hollering youths. It finally got quiet around midnight. Only $11.50 with the discount. No hot water at the sinks and those push-on faucets that automatically turn off after ten seconds.

It's all Mark Johnson's fault. If he'd just posted some of his paintings I could have gotten my art fix and avoided all this.


Mark Johnson said...

I actually got our the paper and brushes yesterday...only to discover I'm a little rusty. It's not like riding a bike, apparently :). I'll keep at it till something is worth showing. In the meantime, get your fix with a few gallery stops...you know, where real artists display their shit.
Mark Johnson...Artiese en Abstentia

MFH said...

Glad to hear you're not gonna give up.

It's amazing how many put their shit out there. I stop whenever whim strikes, but finding something of quality is tough. My most recent finds were in the Quemado, New Mexico, Gallery-Hair Salon. The stylist/artist said they were having a meeting that afternoon to decide whether to continue cuz she was the only one willing to staff it.

Jozien Keijzer said...

Did you make it to the Mattise Diebenkorn show, i hope you post some of it.