Saturday, September 24, 2016

Arizona Indian Arts - Winslow Art Gallery

In the olde days it was a dangerous place. Passersby would throw bottles and share their local humor. An example: Wanta lift? Stick a jack up yer ass! (H'yuk, h'yuk, h'yuk.) 

Times have changed. Now they welcome people from all over the world. Well, they welcome their money, anyway.

The Indian Market at the exit beyond the east end of town had a new paint job so I stopped to check it out. After the five minute tour of the China-made tommy-hawks I strolled out into the sun to be met with a pleasant, "Nice day isn't it?"

Raymond Clark, Sr., an artist, offered to show me another gallery. I followed to the Love's Truck stop/Denny's where the quality was better but boring.

I think he must have been testing me 'cuz the next one was it! Some of the most original work I've seen. Over 40 artists. Arizona Indian Arts is small but the quality is astounding! 202 E 2nd Street, Winslow, Arizona, 86047. Ph: 928-221-1950. email:

It's on the corner of 2nd and the one-way (Rt 66) going east.

Lawrence E. Melendez, owner/artist (above) knows everyone personally and can answer any question.

I bought this 4 1/2 inch by 3 and 3/4 inch, inkjet print by Joe Maktima for $20.00. This is a terrible photo, it doesn't show the depth of color, but I didn't want to take it out of the cellophane. My collector days are over, but the gifts may sit around for a while before finding homes.

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