Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's Coming Together

Smith came through (getting fixed - $157.00 incl microchip, distemper & de-worming) without complications. She's behaving herself -- not licking the wound -- so has been able to forego the Elizabethan collar. 

The plan was to return to the wilds after her surgery, but I caught a cold (What you get when yuh patronize Walmart) and decided to Motel it for another day. Then, late in the afternoon, the guy called and said he could install the front-to-back rails for a roof rack at 10:00 tomorrow (now today); that clinched it.

Closed on Mondays. The other side of the roof is totally moss.

Sign funding obviously isn't a priority. But you'd think they could do a bit better for this moderne-era building.

Built in 1936 as a post office.


Anonymous said...

So glad kitty's doing well. Been thinking you said she pooped the sheet, it may happened her belly was achy due to the surgical procedure & she could not hold it. Abdominal surgery is uncomfortable for humans as well as for our fury friends.

MFH said...

Hard to tell what prompted it; it was pre-surgery. Right in the middle of the king bed between the pillows and the top of the covers. She'd used her box several times before and has every time since. The Manager was amazingly gracious saying: It happens. and Not to worry. Motel 6 in Coos Bay.

Anonymous said...

AH AH, it was before surgery...perhaps she was apprehensive about the scalpel, CATS READ YOUR MIND, have no doubt about it, they are psychic little people, they know what goes thru your mind.

MFH said...

Tell me about it. I'll never forget the time I was sitting on a couch at a friend's house stoned on acid. Their cat, at various intervals, would come dashing into the room, do a grand jete and at the peak of height bat at something (nothing). Her exit was equally stunning with much skidding on the bare floors. After the third performance I had to go outside...I was laughing so hard my stomach ached.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, the cat was mimicking your state of mind, I could pee my undies laughing by only imagine the scene ! LOL.