Friday, December 4, 2015

Blackout B-Day CAke

It's a neurosis...when in town I never get full. It took a while for Susan to "walk on" and while she was ambling I embraced my increasing dimensionality as a "measure" of my commitment. 

MDC's birthday came soon after and always warrants a grand celebration. And there's nothing better to celebrate with (besides ice cream) than cake!!


Dat boy gotz hisse'f a bad case o' de dunlops. He dun lopped ove' de belt.


Pepper Mckean said...

And a big ole glob of ice cream on your head... Look closely - see it?

I have a vivid imagination. LOL

MFH said...

LOL!! Thank goddess!! What I ask you...WHAT is cake w/o Ice Cream?!! Merry Solstice!