Monday, October 12, 2015

Phil Endicott's '32 Dodge

It was like Mulberry Street. Toodling along on the freeway with nothing but the usual. Then suddenly...a golden flash from the HEADLIGHT of a car behind me. What was this?! A turn signal the size of a cantaloupe?!!

As the radiator came along side its texture hinted at what was to come. And then, at the firewall I began to experience the excitement Marco sought; something different!

When they stopped at the Arizona line I pulled in behind.

Phil Endicott claims he's just a Missouri farmer; never thought of himself as an artist. He spent three years hammering the copper sheets that are the body, forging the myriad other accoutrements and cutting, sanding and polishing the teak that compliments the interior. (That's teak under the windshield and the sideview mirror in the photo below.)

It was hot in the sun but Wanda managed to smile. 

They were on their way to Los Angeles to take delivery on the custom front wheels to match the rears. 

Contrary to what it looks like, Phil said the interconnected triangles were personal symbols of the Dodge brothers...not the Star of David. It's use was discontinued in 1932.


Pepper Anne said...

Isn’t it great that there are people like this in the world? What makes it great besides the car that I would love to drive? He is a fellow Missourian. Your joke regarding the nuns was just as old as the joke Mr. Happy told. LOL Thanks for the laugh!

MFH said...

Yes, I wish there were more like him. I too was interested to hear he was from Missouri. Have you been to Hermann? The Adam Puchta Winery there makes a delicious Riefenstahler...,664

Glad you enjoyed the joke.