Sunday, March 29, 2015

Angel Peak Scenic Area

It's a beautiful drive up highway 550 from ABQ to Farmington, but 181 miles is too far for me in one day. Fortunately, Angel Peak Scenic Area appeared. 

I scouted the campground and sure enough it was there. No water, just a couple of pit toilets, some picnic tables and fire rings. ALL the emenities!!

So I took one of the many dirt tracks leading into the surrounding oil and gas fields. It's a bit like being in the queue at the airport runway. The wells have small engines whose cumulative effect is a constant thrum. 

Roads leading down in are steep; I walked.

And when you look at all the "pads" and their impact, it's pretty hard to take seriously the bureaucratic admonition to "Leave No Trace." Der sho' ain't much out dar dat ain't already bin trayst!!

There's still snow up north.

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Jozien Keijzer said...

still.. it's my kind of land, scarred or not still me