Friday, January 2, 2015

Suzan, Tumco and a Kit Fox for Christmas

I joined Suzan for a couple of days of camping as we commuted into Yuma, Arizona for provisions and such. Here she is with her new Christmas stove and foldout table. 

We camped next to a wash about 5 miles north of Interstate 8 on S34, also known as Ogilby Rd. The lack of "forage" for cattle means there are few flies.

That wee yellow sign in the center of the image above marks the entrance to the ghost town of Tumco.

Below is looking West.

We camped close enough that Fort Trevor was able to regale Eggbert with tales of his travels.

One night while cooking a fox visited. It was the first wildlife, other than a few birds and deer, I've seen in years. We negotiated for one-time rights, but in the end I had to borrow from the web.

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